SentryCon Special Musical Guests

March 09, 2017 | Events

SentryCon 2017 will be in Biloxi MS April 12 - 14th. It is a must attend event for independent alarm installers. Attendees will have the opportunity to listen to business professional discuss social media techniques, how to manage attrition, best practices in video and how to hire good people. Industry leaders will also host classes on the newest products and services. So bring your technicians and sales team to find out what is going on in the industry now.

The event is not without a little fun. You can choose to fish with DSC, or golf with Telguard. ADI is sponsoring the Meet and greet at a baseballs game. The highlight event will be the social cohosted by Hikvision. We will celebrate SentryNet's 30th anniversary with a true to form throwback party. It will have everything you loved (or hated) about the 80's. We ask you to come as you were in the 80's or come as you are now and enjoy this look into the past. There will be a costume contest for those who choose to participate. For you musical entertainment, no 80's event would be complete with a cover band. We have the Molly Ringwalds just for you.

They are The World's Greatest 80's Experience. Hailing from Sheffield, England, this legendary quintet has been able to combine their individual and very formidable talents to create the true essence of the most radical decade to ever be called "The 80's." The Molly Ringwalds create an 80's Experience by honing their abilities to apply make-up and tease their hair while showcasing all the musical genres of the decade. From their days of building a following at a pub located in a large portion of a big city near a small village located south of a place you've never heard of, to selling out large venues in the United States, The Molly Ringwalds are an indescribable act. Luck and circumstance brought these young lads together. The rest is the history of the 80's. You can check out some of their tunes at

So if you aren't register do it now - and don't miss a moment of the 22nd Annual Dealer Conference hosted by SentryNet.

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SentryCon Special Musical Guests

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